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BAJAU ESCORINDO founded in 1999 with purpose to deliver cost effective, optimize and high performance Open Source software solutions to Enterprise organization in Indonesia. As open source pioneer in Indonesia, we are able to build community strong enough to alter the mindset of IT enterprises towards open source software. Bajau is able to remove the complexity to propose, running and manage IT infrastructure using Open Source Solution.

Creative, Emphaty and Professional

Is our key to understand and deliver solution to our customers, putting ourselves in customers "shoe" allow us to better recognize obstacles our customers facing, combined with our experiences, it allows us to think outside the box to solve clients' problem.
We can help consult, design, maintain and operate large scale, mission critical system and with more than a decade of expertise, leadership and accomplishment on the front-line, we are able to seamlessly combine Open and Closed source solution together to achieve better synergy, effectively carve out costs, without sacrificing quality or reliability.
Our proven strategies and methodologies, from over a decade of leadership in the front-line, remove the complexity of introducing, running and managing infrastructures based on Open Source software. We accomplish this by combining 'enterprise-ready' software components with our experience in designing and operating large-scale, mission-critical systems. We are committed to delivering innovation in our field, and collaborate with our clients to help them become high performance enterprises.

We cater to multifarious industries with an innovative and futuristic approach

  • Make smart architectural decisions from the start
  • Reduce risk
  • Accelerate project completion and time to value
  • Integrate open and closed source software components
  • Reduce support requirements
  • Maximise product performance
  • Deliver knowledge transfer and best practices to your in-house team
  • A proven track record. Bajau has 15 years' experience of successfully delivering large-scale IT transformation projects using Linux and other Open Source technologies.
  • The right resources. Drawn from all technology practice areas, our professionals bring deep experience, an understanding of business systems and an innovative approach that mitigates risk and keeps costs manageable.
  • A holistic approach. We focus on solving IT problems, but in order to create more complete solutions and positively impact business outcomes, we incorporate strategy, technologies, processes, people, and IT operations. By analysing improvement opportunities across the Open Source landscape, we help clients implement solutions that will deliver benefits for years to come.
  • Deep technical know-how. We're not generalists. Our professionals bring deep technology consulting skills, proven methodologies and insights that collectively help our clients hit their cost and performance goals.
  • Network of alliances with the Open Source Community. We work closely with Open Source projects and vendors such as KDE, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Red Hat Linux and the Free Software Foundation. Our alliance relationships let us extend the range of capabilities and solutions we can offer and reduces clients' project risk.
I think, fundamentally, open source does tend to be more stable software. It’s the right way to do things. Linus Torvalds
Open source isn't about saving money, it's about doing more stuff, and getting incremental innovation with the finite budget you have. Jim Whitehurst
Open source is a development methodology; free software is a social movement. Richard Stallman
Mathematics is Open Source. Vishal Salgotra
In real open source, you have the right to control your own destiny. Linus Torvalds
It's amazing what you can get on open source now if you actually use the right search engines to find the material. Gus O'Donnell
If you want to build an open source project, you can't let your ego stand in the way. You can't rewrite everybody's patches, you can't second-guess everybody, and you have to give people equal control. Rasmus Lerdorf
Open source production has shown us that world-class software, like Linux and Mozilla, can be created with neither the bureaucratic structure of the firm nor the incentives of the marketplace as we've known them. Howard Rheingold